1. How to use Window Cleaning Scraper

  •  Hold Window Cleaning Scraper in your right hand and a wet wipe in your left hand.
  • First wipe off most of the dust from the glass with the wet cloth, and wet the glass surface by the way.
  • Hold the Window Cleaning Scraper at an angle of about 45 degrees and apply slight pressure to the glass surface with your palm so that the Window Cleaning Scraper can fit the glass completely. If it is close to the window frame, pay attention to the Window Cleaning Scraper to make sure it does not buckle.
  • Make sure there is a 45-degree angle, then you can start moving.
  •  Pay attention to the possibility that the scraper and hands become uncomfortable position, resulting in the angle and force point run away, it is easy to appear residual water. So the force point and angle as much as possible to maintain the same in one go.
  •  Finally scrape after picking up with a clean cloth to wipe clean, so that the second scrape will not have residual water stains appear.

2. How to store Window Cleaning Scraper?

After using Window Cleaning Scraper, simply clean the scraper, then put it in a sunny place or airy place to dry, and finally organize it in a drawer or storage cabinet.

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